A Taste of Well Being



In the Yogic tradition, food is alive, with a prana of its own. When consumed, the quality of the food influences the qualities of your body and mind. In ATaste of Well-Being, you will find a wealth of recipes that have been perfected in the kitchen of the Isha Yoga Centre, enjoyed by millions of visitors for over twenty years. Ranging from refreshing juices and salads, to complete meals of grains, cereals and curries, to tasty desserts for those with a sweet tooth, the positive-pranic adaptations of each dish are a treasure for all those who’ve always hoped healthy eating could also be tasty!


“Food, eating, is a demonstration of the oneness of existence. Something that was a plant, something that was a seed, something that was an animal or a fish or a bird, just merging and becoming a human being, is a clear demonstration of the oneness of existence, of the hand of the Creator in everything that is. Make the simple act of eating into fulfilling the will of Creation and the tremendous experience of knowing the joy of Union.” - Sadhguru, A Taste of Well-Being

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