Hammered Copper Water Storage Pot, 8 Liters



Enjoy the health benefits of drinking water from a copper container with this water storage pot. With a touch of tradition and its practical design, it makes a good choice for your home.

You can store up to 7 liters of water in this Hammered Copper Water Storage Pot. Store the water in the copper water storage pot for a minimum of 4 hours. If you drink this water on a daily basis, it helps cleanse our system of various toxins.

Storing water in copper vessels can play a significant role in cleansing our system. After four hours, or preferably when stored overnight, water takes on a certain quality from the copper, which is beneficial for your overall health. 

Read the full article by Sadhguru on how water stored in copper vessels can play a significant role in cleansing our system of various toxins.

There are copper vessels designed for personal use on the go, for storing enough water for the whole family, for serving water at large and small gatherings or just to have a health sip yourself. To view the full range of Isha products available click here.

Copper utensils, when exposed to air and water, can gradually turn dark (bluish-green) and dull. Click here to read Copper Cleaning Guide.

Note: Please do not store milk, juices and other beverages in copper vessels.


Dimensions in Inches

H - 11.25, L - 10, Dia - 9

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