Groundnut (Peanut). Yogic Superfood (500gms)

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There is a small oval-shaped nut with nature’s goodness

Abundant with energy and balanced nutrition,

earthy, crunchy, tasty and wholesome.

Soak them in water and keep them aside,

they’ll transform into a complete diet!

Groundnuts or Peanuts, a ‘Yogic Superfood’ in all the true sense

An integral part of the Yogic diet, Groundnut has everything to sustain you. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, fat and protein. In India, many Yogis go on a 100% raw groundnut diet because it is a complete food by itself.

Remember to always soak them for six hours before consumption. This removes the pitta from the groundnuts. Mix them in a porridge with banana to enjoy a delicious and healthy 2-minute breakfast. Soaked groundnuts are a part of every brunch in Isha.

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