Isha Herbal Tooth Powder, 60 gm.

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Experience the benefits of neem with other nourishing ingredients like clove oil, menthol, tulasi and more to prevent cavities and gum diseases.

In ancient days, neem bark was used to clean the teeth and make gums stronger.

Because, as per Ayurvedic science, neem detoxifies the mouth and gums, keeping them healthy, while keeping cavity and gum diseases away.

Our herbal tooth powder contains neem as the key ingredient along with a host of teeth-loving ingredients like clove oil, menthol, tulasi, camphor, kandakattira and haritaki.

Try Isha Life's all-natural tooth powder (your teeth might just thank you!).


Why Isha Life's Herbal Tooth Powder? 

  • A blend of traditional, natural herbs
  • Can prevent cavities and gum diseases
  • Deep cleanses mouth and gums

What's in it?

Neem, Stone powder, Clove oil, Menthol, Kandakattira, Haritaki, Tulasi, and Camphor.

How to use it?

Take 1 teaspoon of the tooth powder, add some water and make a smooth paste. Use your index finger or soft toothbrush and massage or brush the teeth and gums gently, twice a day.

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