Jeeva Legium Chyawanprash (250 gm)

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Traditional Siddha recipe for immunity and overall health. For all age groups, including children.

As you open the jar, there’s a strong aroma that instantly captures your senses. Digging in slowly into the dense and delicious paste, twisting and turning the spoon to fill it completely, and then savoring it steadily until the spoon is spick and span. The feeling of consuming Chyawanprash is truly like no other.

Originated as a traditional Siddha recipe, it is an everyday elixir with a unique way of consumption. Elemental in nature, Isha Life’s Jeeva Legium Chyawanprash is an everyday remedy for strong health. It finds a place in Indian households for renewing life force and vitality, while keeping diseases at bay. Enriched with vitamin C from the super-ingredient Amla, it’s a Siddha remedy that cares for each and every family member.

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