Bloom Hair Fall Control & Repair Organic Conditioner with Hibiscus & Grapeseed Extract (All Hair Types) - 100ml


A shield of moisture, nourishment, and care

For the days when you celebrate your victories

Or the moments when you quietly hide your flaws

In the times you conceal secrets behind tangled locks

A protective shield to help you reconnect with yourself


Restore and repair your hair with a tender touch of nature. Put an end to all hair problems and revel in your naturally smooth, lustrous, and beautiful locks. 


We all use hair conditioners but do you know what are the functions performed by a good conditioner? 


  • It promotes hair growth
  • It makes your hair smooth and silky
  • It retains the original shine of your hair


We have made our Hair Fall Control and Repair Conditioner with potent ingredients that accomplish all these functions. Let's see how. 


To promote hair growth, we have added a perfect blend of Heena and Jatamansi Extracts. These elements naturally control hair fall, and premature graying, and promote the growth of voluminous hair, improving the overall health of your follicles. 


For smoothing your hair strands, we have enriched our conditioner with Methi, which is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it replenishes your hair, making them thick, smooth, and shiny.


And finally, to restore the natural shine of your hair, we have infused our conditioner with Shikakai. This Ayurvedic herb is laced with antibacterial properties that make your hair soft, smooth, and shiny.

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