Ojasvini Herbal Snanam Powder (Bath Powder), 100gm



Ojasvini or herbal Snanam podi (bath powder) is a fine powder that can be used in place of bathing soaps. The snanam powder made with the combination of herbs powdered in right proportions is prepared by Isha arogya, has its origin from traditional texts. Protects the skin from germs & bacterial infections. Prevents wrinkles & skin aging. Exfoliates dead skin cells, brightens skin tone & clears tan. Gives natural fragrance to the body entire day.

Directions / Dosage:

Mix 2 table spoons of the Snanam powder with water to make a wet paste. Apply on wet skin. Lightly massage and leave until dry. Rinse clean with water to exfoliate dead skin, toxins, and environmental pollutants. You can use it for your daily bath in place of soap.

Can be used to bathe babies, children and adults.

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