Vegetarian Millet Dumplings - 素食小米粽子

材料 Ingredients 

小米: 300 g

紅米: 50 g

綠豆仁: 200 g

乾粽葉: 15片


Millet: 300g

Red Rice: 50g

Mung Beans: 200g

Dried Bamboo Leaves:15 pieces

Cotton String: 1 roll

餡料 Fillings: 

(Other fillings can be added according to personal preference)

南瓜 適量

冬瓜 適量

鷹嘴豆 適量

眉豆 適量


(可提前泡一夜再炒) 適量

栗子 適量

蓮藕 適量

乾香菇 適量

Pumpkin : appropriate amount

Winter Melon : appropriate amount

Chickpeas : appropriate amount

Cowpeas : appropriate amount

Roasted/Fried Groundnuts: appropriate amount: (can soak overnight first before frying)

Chestnuts : appropriate amount

Lotus Root : appropriate amount

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms : appropriate amount


調味料 Seasoning:

椰子油: 80-100g 

薑黃粉: 適量


八角: 3粒

肉桂條:1 條

乾辣椒: 3-4 隻

鹽: 適量

蜂蜜: 適量

白胡椒粉: 適量

孜然粉: 適量

醬油: 3湯匙

素食蠔油: 4湯匙


Coconut Oil: 80-100g

Turmeric Powder: appropriate amount

Ginger Paste: appropriate amount

Cinnamon Stick:1 stick

Star Anise: 3 nos.

Dried Whole Red Chili Pepper: 3-4 nos.

Salt: appropriate amount

Honey: appropriate amount

White Pepper Powder: appropriate amount

Cumin Powder: appropriate amount

Light soy sauce: 3 tbsp

Vegetarian Oyster Sauce: 4 tbsp


做法 Steps:


1. 將小米,紅米,綠豆仁,花生洗淨浸泡一夜,乾香菇洗淨浸泡幾小時直至軟身。全部材料瀝乾備用。

Wash the millet, red rice, mung beans, groundnuts and soak them in water overnight. Wash and soak dried mushrooms in cold water for several hours until soft.  Drain all the ingredients well and then set aside for wrapping the dumpling.

2. 粽葉洗淨後用水煮約20分鐘。 瀝水後把粽葉浸泡在冷水備用。

Wash and boil the bamboo leaves for 20 minutes to help soften them. After draining, soak them in cold water and set aside.     

3. 將自己喜愛的餡料切粒放在粽子裡,大小可因應個人喜愛的口感而定。

 Cut the fillings into small, cube-shaped pieces. The size can be determined according to your liking. 

4. 熱鍋倒入40克椰子油後將浸泡好的小米,紅米,綠豆仁入內拌炒均勻,加入少許薑黃粉和適量的鹽,盛盤備用。

Pour 40g of coconut oil into a hot pan, add the soaked millet, red rice, mung beans and stir-fry evenly for about 5 minutes. Add appropriate amounts of salt, turmeric powder and slightly stir-fry then put on a plate for later use.

5. 熱鍋倒入40 -50克椰子油炒餡料,放入薑泥,乾辣椒,肉桂棒,八角爆香,然後一一分開放入喜愛的餡料,再加入適量鹽,白胡椒粉,孜然粉,醬油,素蠔油和蜂蜜一起炒至入味,即可起鍋,盛盤備用前把乾辣椒,八角,肉桂棒取出

Pour 40-50g of coconut oil into a hot pan, stir-fry ginger paste, dried red chili peppers, cinnamon stick and star anises until fragrant. Add the prepared fillings and stir-fry with appropriate amounts of salt, white pepper powder, cumin powder, soy sauce, vegetarian oyster sauce and honey until the flavour is infused. Before serving on a plate for later use,  remove the cinnamon stick, chili peppers, star anise from the pan.

6. 取兩片粽葉將炒過的小米混合物放入呈三角形的粽葉裡 (先放入1/3的量,下壓一下讓米粒填滿下方的三角尖端),放上餡料再取適量的小米混合物鋪平上面 (填滿9分滿) ,再將上面的葉子向下折並把餘下的葉包裹好粽後,然後用棉繩綁好。

Take two bamboo leaves and fold into a triangular cone shape. Put the fried millet mixture into it (first put 1/3 of the amount, press down to let the mixture fill the bottom of the triangle tip), add the fried fillings and then fill it up with an appropriate amount of millet mixture on top (90% full). Fold the top leaves down and wrap the remaining leaves around the shape, then tie it with cotton string.


 7. 最後,將包好的粽放入水中加少許鹽然後加上蓋以中大火滾煮2.5小時 即可大功告成。重要提醒:在煮的過程中每隔半小時查看水位,如發現水不夠蓋過粽子,要補入熱水,不是冷水。

Finally, fill the pot with cold water until every dumpling is submerged then add some salt into the water. Once the water begins to boil, turn the heat down to medium high, cover with a lid and let it simmer for 2.5 hours. Important Reminder: set a timer for every 30 minutes to check the water level, continuously top it up with hot water to ensure that the dumpling is always fully submerged.