Banana Fibre Yoga Mat

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One of the qualities of a yogi is conscious living and by making an environment-sensitive choice, you can feel the positive difference. Like opting for a natural, banana fibre yoga mat instead of synthetic yoga mats available in the market.  

The making of banana fibre is interesting as it is created out of the best of agricultural waste. Tonnes of banana trunks are usually disposed after harvesting, from which banana fibre is extracted. The fibres are woven together with cotton yarns, which provide this mat with a softer and more comfortable feel. Banana fibre is known to be supple and is a known hypoallergenic (which means, it is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction).

Try Isha Life’s banana fibre yoga mat for an all-natural feeling. Plus, our mat comes with a rubberized back to give you extra grip and stability during your practice.

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