Pure Multi Floral Honey, 500gm.

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Generously blessed with a wide variety of flowers

The meadows of Kashmir are buzzing with bees

Nibbling precious pollen from the colorful tulips, roses and other flowers

The hard-working bees put together the bountiful multifloral honey

Dark in color and rich in minerals, our Pure Multi Floral Honey brings together the versatility of the Kashmir flora in a jar. A delicious natural sweetener, it can help you cut off empty calories from sugar-laden recipes, without cutting down on your energy levels. 

Starting the day with tepid water mildly laced with honey is known to enhance both psychological stability and physical well-being.

More info: https://www.ishalife.com/in/pure-multi-floral-honey-500gm-processed-and-filtered-high-in-medicinal-value-suggested-for-cold-related-symptoms-good-for-immunity

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