Adiyogi Rudraksha with copper chain. Panchamukhi (five faced) Rudraksha bead


Product Details

Chain length in inches: 18 approximately


Adorned by Yogis since centuries,

Its power guides all spiritual seekers.

It’s the manifestation of your choice to become a conscious being.

Specially graced with the energy of the Adiyogi,

feel its unique reverberation create a shield of positive energy.

Soak in ecstasy, soak in the tears of Shiva…

 Feel close to the energy of the Adiyogi with Isha Life’s Adiyogi Rudraksha bead. It is a single genuine Panchamukhi Rudraksha bead, which has been specially consecrated and energized at the Isha Yoga Centre. Once a part of the rudraksha mala that adorned the Adiyogi, this rudraksha bead will help you immensely in maintaining physical and mental balance. Worn to sit on the pit of the throat, the Panchmukhi Rudraksha bead brings general well-being, health and freedom for all individuals.

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