Bloom Shine & Glow skin Brightening Organic Face wash With Orange & Licorice Extract 100ml


The harrowing heat wipes away a bubbly smile

Grime and pollution take over an ever-glowing face

Exhaustion engulfs those usually bouncy footsteps

A rising mountain of tasks steals their exuberance


Wash off the dullness of a tiring day and impart a radiant glow and long-lasting moisturization to your skin. Eliminate acne, scars, and skin problems with a delightful mixture of soothing ingredients. 


Dirt, pollution, and constant exposure to the environment may damage your skin and dull its shine. To restore your original glow, you need a face wash that

  • Hydrates and moisturizes your skin
  • Treats acne, wrinkles, and skin problems
  • Removes the dullness caused by sun tanning.


Our Shine and Glow Skin Brightening Organic Face Wash might help alleviate all of these problems. It is a gel-based face wash that comes with the goodness of organic ingredients that help in keeping the skin softer, smoother, and radiant throughout the day.


To keep your skin well-hydrated and moisturized, we have added Licorice extracts to this facewash. They also help in maintaining your skin’s elasticity and securing it from sun damage. Offering effective protection against acne and scars, we have incorporated the Extracts of Orange that work as natural exfoliators. 


Finally, to undo the harrowing effects of the sun, we have infused Sandalwood Extracts that are laced with anti-tanning and anti-inflammatory properties. Along with fighting against prickly heat, they also prevent wrinkles, and skin diseases, and brighten your skin tone. 


Usually, chemicals are used to produce a rich lather in face washes. But we've adopted the natural variant to address that. We have used Soapberry extracts in our facewash that act as natural cleansing agents, gently ridding your skin of all dirt and grime, and leaving it soft and supple. 

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