Thinai (Foxtail Millet / Kangni), 500 gm


*** 无法寄到内地以及台湾 ***
*** Cannot be shipped to mainland China and Taiwan ***

What if you could replace regular white rice with a nutrient-dense millet? And, also help the environment in doing so?

Try the foxtail millet (thinai), which is rich in protein and calcium and helps strengthen your muscles and bones. A great source of Vitamin B12, it is known to maintain a healthy heart and regular upkeep of the nervous system. It could also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and lower cholesterol levels.

So, how does it help the environment?

Millets need much less water for cultivation and have a shorter crop cycle. This means that when you consume millets, you are promoting a crop that is highly environment-friendly and has a lesser ecological impact.

The sheer health benefits that the foxtail millet has, make it an easy replacement for rice in many dishes.

Why Isha Life's Thinai (Foxtail Millet / Kangni)?

  • It's gluten-free
  • High in fibre, antioxidants, iron, vitamins and minerals
  • Millet cultivation is eco-friendly

How to consume it?

  • You can cook it the same way as you would prepare upma or porridge.
  • Or you can cook it just like rice.
  • You can also add it to desserts, cookies, or soups.

Foxtail Millet is also known as Thinai in Tamil, Kangni in Hindi, Korralu in Telugu, and Navane in Kannada.

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